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Harman Sehjra Jewellery

22KT Gold Figaro/Satchine Chain

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In the realm of fine jewelry, few pieces possess the allure and versatility quite like the 22kt Gold Figaro/Satchine Chain. Combining timeless style with unmatched durability, this chain stands as a testament to craftsmanship and sophistication.


At the heart of the Figaro/Satchine Chain lies its robust design, meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time. Each link is expertly formed to create a chain that not only exudes elegance but also boasts remarkable strength. Whether worn daily or on special occasions, this chain remains steadfast, a true companion for life's journeys.


Security meets style with the Figaro/Satchine Chain's strong lock mechanism. Rest assured that your prized possession is safely secured, allowing you to wear it with confidence wherever you go. Whether it's a bustling city street or a serene countryside retreat, your chain stays firmly in place, reflecting your unwavering taste and refinement.


One of the most appealing aspects of the Figaro/Satchine Chain is its versatility. Designed to be unisex, it transcends gender boundaries, making it a beloved accessory for all. Whether adorning the neckline of a dapper gentleman or accentuating the elegance of a sophisticated lady, this chain effortlessly complements any attire, adding a touch of luxury to every look.


With a weight of 7.511 grams, it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and luxury, making it ideal for everyday wear. Whether paired with casual attire or formal wear, this chain seamlessly transitions from day to night, adding a subtle yet striking accent to your ensemble.




Length : 18 inches


Weight : 7.511 grams


Material : Authentic real 22kt Gold


Color: Natural Yellow Gold


Sourced from Dubai, UAE. 


Certificate : 1 from Harman Sehjra Jewellery.


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